Organization Quality Management (OQM)


Levelton is proud to be an Organizational Quality Management (OQM) certified company.


What is OQM?

OQM certified companies must comply with the certification rules and regulations to improve the quality management of professional engineering and geoscience practices at the individual and organizational level. For Levelton, that means that we need to have policies and procedures in place to make sure:

  • Professional Practice Guidelines are being followed;
  • Documented file management procedures are being used to meet regulatory requirements;
  • Documented checking of all engineering or geoscience work are taking place;
  • Documents containing engineering or geoscience will be authenticated by the application of the professional’s seal;
  • Delegated engineering and geoscience work will be directly supervised by an APEGBC Professional; and
  • Field reviews will be conducted during construction or implementation.

What benefits does this give to our clients?

Our clients will have the confidence that they made the right choice in choosing Levelton, a company that is a leader in quality management practices and standards endorsed by APEGBC. Clients will also notice:

  • Improvements in efficiency, contributing to an overall betterment to our services and deliverables; and
  • Consistency with our documentation, not only within each office, but Company-wide.


For more information about APEGBC’s OQM certification program, please visit their website.